Court Booking


The Committee is well aware that non-members have been unable to access the tennis courts for longer than anticipated.  There have been various delays, such as materials not being delivered on time, so it has not been possible to open Courts 1 & 2 to the public before now.

In consultation with the Parish Council, we are pleased to confirm that Court 2 (next to the Bowling Green) - and only Court 2 - will be available for the public to book online and to play on from Saturday 10th July 2021.

All three courts are open to club members, but due to liability and safety issues, Court 1 remains closed to non-members.  We hope this won’t be for too long, but work is still being carried out and the safety barriers remain in situ adjacent to Court 1.

Access is through a temporary gate near the Bowling Club entrance.  It is not perfect and you are asked to be gentle when opening and closing it.  You will be given the code to the padlock when you have booked your court.

We can assure you that Court 1 and the usual access gate will be available as soon as we receive clearance from the Health & Safety Officer.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding.

Public Court Booking

We regret that due to health & safety reasons, public use of the courts is currently limited to court 2 only.

Courts 1 & 2 are owned by the Council and as such, the public are encouraged to use them. Online booking is usually available on the LTA ClubSpark website. Once a booking is confirmed, the court access code will be emailed to the booker.

Please note that the Lawn Tennis Association's COVID-19 guidelines must be followed at all times while using the courts, and that there is maximum of 4 users on any single court.

Use of a court costs £6 per hour, payable at the time of booking. Terms & Conditions apply.

Club Member Booking

Courts must be booked in advance for all use. Court booking has moved online, and members can now book courts online from home, and within the clubhouse. Members need to be registered on the LTA ClubSpark website in order to make bookings.

All members and visitors are able to check for an available court before travelling to the club.