Junior Member Regulations

Regulations for Junior Members as at November 2020

1. Regulations for Junior Members
The South Petherton Tennis Club “Rules”, “Regulations” and “Rules of Court Etiquette” form an integral part of these
“Regulations for Junior Members”, which it is assumed that each Member has read.

2. Definition
“Juniors” are defined as any Member under the age of 16 years. These Regulations are for Junior Members and Student
Members (under the age of 18). Student Members aged 18+ are covered under the “Club Rules” and "Regulations of Play".

3. Junior Subscription Rates
Junior subscription rates are set out at the AGM once per year, and will be available on Membership Page of the website.

4. Responsibilities
A responsible adult (over 18) must be present at all times when Juniors play. This is not only to ensure that the balls are
collected, net wound down and clubhouse securely locked, but there is occasionally some anti-social behaviour on the
part of local youths which juniors may have difficulty dealing with. Juniors may be asked to leave the courts if no
responsible adult is present.

Juniors may book courts online with the supervision/permission of their parent/guardian.


Junior members are asked to treat the courts, equipment, Club property and all Club members with respect at all times.


Any behaviour not in keeping with court etiquette is to be reported to the Committee.


If there is a problem with anti-social behaviour that requires immediate attention, please call 101 or in an emergency situation, please call 999.

5. Clubs Sessions and Tournaments
Juniors up to senior playing level are welcome at Club sessions and tournaments with the approval of the Committee or
their coach.

6. Visitors
If any Member wishes to play with a guest, who is not a member of the club, then that Member is responsible for the
payment of a playing fee of £3.00 per guest, preferably by bank transfer to the Club’s bank account, and entering the name of each guest in the Visitors Book.


Each guest may play at the Club for a maximum of FIVE times in a calendar year.

7. Dress
Shoes worn on court must be non–marking or rubber soled and without raised heels, spikes, studs, cleats, bars or deep

8. Floodlights
Junior members are not allowed to use the floodlights, not even with parental supervision.

9. Playing Parents
Parents are asked to pay a reduced rate membership fee per year for times when they play with their child (to
cover insurance costs). This entitles a Playing Parent to play only with the designated Junior(s) and to have access to
online booking. The rate is set at the AGM each year, and will be available on the Membership pages of the website.

10. Safeguarding
As an LTA Registered Venue, SPTC provides a safe environment for all its Members. Full details of Safeguarding can be
found on the Club’s website.

11. Contacts

General Enquiries: committee.sptc@gmail.com

Membership: membership.sptc@gmail.com

Chair: chairperson.sptc@gmail.com

Secretary: secretary1.sptc@gmail.com

Treasurer: treasurer.sptc@hotmail.com

Website/Online Booking: stephanie.sptc@gmail.com