League Tennis

South Petherton Tennis Club has teams competing in both the Winter and Summer Leagues in the Yeovil & District Lawn Tennis League.

If you are interested in playing for one of our teams, please use the contact form to get in touch.

We have three Ladies Teams in the Summer League.

Ladies 'A' Captain's Report for 2019


Another great season for the A Team, who have done “the double” again winning the league by 5 points and beating Trull in a great Knockout Tournament final at Martock. Thank you to all the members who came to support the team at the Knockout final at Martock, it was very much appreciated.

I would also like to thank my team; Rachel, Jean, Tanya, Mary, Liz and Kate for all their support given over the season. Rachel is the only player in the league to have won all 24 matches that she played – pretty impressive.

So, bring on 2020! Hopefully we can be champions again making it 4 consecutive wins


Ladies 'B' & 'C' Captain's Report for 2019


The results of this year's league tennis were very mixed for our B & C teams. 
The B team had expected to be demoted from Division 2 after coming bottom last year but due to various factors they were kept up. This put pressure on and with problems of injuries and unavailability we never really took off and ended bottom again. So we expect that the B team will join the C team in Division 3 where I am sure we will enjoy our home and away matches equally.

Having been newly promoted from Division 4, our C team continued to improve, gain confidence and play as a team. Every one gave their all and enjoyed the matches. We very nearly made it to promotion missing only by a minuscule percentage point. Well done us! Next year look out the B team.


I thank everyone who played for their support enthusiasm and willingness to play when asked even at the last minute. We now have a great squad of some very good team players and I wish Sophie the same support and enjoyment ( most of the time) that I have had. I will of course be happy to help her and look forward to playing for the C team if required.


We have one Mens Teams in the Summer League.

Mens Captain's Report for 2019


Following promotion last year to Division 4, the men's team found themselves quite at home in the higher Division, finishing second to Somerton and expecting promotion to Division 3 in the coming year.


Next summer is expected to be a tough one for the men and we look forward to some combative games against a new set of opponents.


We have one Mixed Team which competes in the Summer and Winter Leagues.

Mixed Captain's Report 2019

The Mixed team found it a tough season and Perhaps punched a bit above our weight. 

There was a noticeable increase in the quality of tennis in Division 2 as we moved up from Division 3.

Even though we finished last; and not by much; another season of Division 2 would have been much better to get the team accustomed to some very good players (who perhaps have played quite a bit in Division 1 previously)

As the club’s tennis quality improves I suspect so will our chances in higher divisions assuming we get another go at it in the next few years. 


Meantime we are well set to play some really competitive tennis next summer back in Division 3.