Club Sessions

Playing Times

The club has two year-round members sessions.

On the 1st Satruday of each month, there is an additional hour of open play for all members and playing-parents, as well as anyone considering joining the club. All abilities are welcome during this hour, we hope to see you there.

Court usage

In addition to club sessions, courts are also booked for matches throughout the year.

Members may bring guests to use the courts at a cost of £3 per guest, payable directly to the club. Guests may play a maximum of 5 times.

Public use of courts

Courts 1 & 2 are owned by the Council and as such, the public are encouraged to use them. Online booking is available on the LTA ClubSpark website. Once a booking is confirmed, the court access code will be emailed to the booker.

Please note that the Lawn Tennis Association's COVID-19 guidelines must be followed at all times while using the courts, and that there is maximum of 4 users on any single court.

Use of a court costs £6 per hour, payable at the time of booking. Terms & Conditions apply.