Regulations of Play

Regulations as at November 2020


1. Regulations
The South Petherton Tennis Club “Rules”, “Rules of Court Etiquette” and “Regulations for Junior Members” form an
integral part of these “Regulations”, which it is assumed each Member has read.


2. Club Playing Periods
The courts are available to play on 0800-2200 seven days a week.
Club sessions are Thursdays 1800-2000 and Saturdays 1400-1700.
Stepping Stones (Saturday 1300-1400 on the first Saturday of the month)


3. Priority for Booking Courts

Priority is given to Club and coaching sessions/events, to League Matches and for court maintenance. Members may,
on the rare occasion and for good reason, be advised by the Committee to give way even when a court has been

Priority for booking is in order as follows:
1. Court Maintenance
2. Club sessions
3. League Matches or Coaching
4. League Matches or Coaching


4. Online Court Booking
Members: All three courts are available for Members to book online at no charge via the Club’s website up to three
weeks in advance. A maximum of two courts may be booked for each time slot. Floodlights may be used only by Full
Adult Members. Access is via the Clubhouse.

Non-Members: The public has access to the same online booking system as the Members. They can book any available
slots only on Courts 1 and 2 up to seven days in advance and pay £6 per court per hour. Public access is via the gate


The public do not have the use of any equipment, floodlights or access to the clubhouse. If any member of the
public is on court and behaving in an anti-social manner, including offensive language, or cannot show they have
booked that court, Members are entitled to ask that person to leave and/or to report the incident to the Committee.


If there is a problem with anti-social behaviour that requires immediate attention call 101 or in an emergency situation
call 999.

5. Closure
The Committee shall have the power to close the courts for maintenance or for special reasons such as hire to local
schools or other outside bodies.

6. Matches and Tournaments

The Committee shall have the power to make arrangements for holding matches, tournaments or other like
competitions and to provide cups and other prizes for competitions and to reserve the courts as may be required on
any occasion as the Committee in its discretion thinks proper.

7. Floodlights
Floodlights may only be used by Full Adult Members. The cost of using the floodlights is included in the annual


8. Tennis Balls
Tennis balls are provided by the Club for all Members.


9. Dress
Members and Visitors are asked to wear appropriate tennis clothing. Shoes worn on court must have non-marking
soles without raised heels, spikes, studs, cleats, bars or deep ribbing.


10. Membership
The Club is committed to equal opportunities. All abilities are welcome, however adult beginners may be encouraged to
attend coaching and may be restricted from some playing periods.


11. Coaching
The Club has LTA and/or PTR registered coaches, who offer individual or group coaching as required. Fees are to be
agreed and paid direct to the respective coach.


12. Membership of the Pavilion
Club Members automatically have membership of the Pavilion at the Recreation Field and may use the facilities there –
i.e. the bar and toilets.


13. Toilets
Members and coaching clients are permitted to use the on-site toilet while they are using the courts. Users are asked to ensure the facitilies are kept clean and in good order after use.


14. Personal Property
The Club is not responsible for any personal items left on the courts or in the Clubhouse at any time.


15. Last to Leave
The last person to leave is responsible for ensuring the nets are lowered, all balls are collected, floodlights are switched
off and net bands returned to the clubhouse. All clubhouse doors are to be locked on leaving and the clubhouse left
tidy and Court 3’s gate is to be checked that it is locked.


16. Contacts:
General Enquiries:
Website/Online Booking: