Court Etiquette

Rules of Court Etiquette as at November 2020

1. Talk quietly if you are near courts that are in use.


2. Do not walk behind a court when a point is still in play. Wait until the point is over and then ask permission to cross. Cross as quickly as possible, ideally when they change ends.

3. Spin to determine who serves first. If you win, you may choose to serve first OR you may choose which end you want to start playing OR you can make your opponent choose first.

4. Balls from another court should be rolled to the back of the court and not to the player unless requested to do so and never when play is in progress.

5. Pick up your balls from your court and return them politely to the person serving within your court and retrieve balls for your partner and opponent.

6. Do not criticise your partner or opponent but offer encouragement instead.

7. Call out line calls clearly and, if not sure, play a let. If the ball is good say nothing and play on.

8. In doubles, both receivers should agree on a line call; if not sure play a let.

9. Always respect the line calls of your opponent as he/she is nearest to the ball and line.

10. Each side should keep score with the server calling the score after each point: if either is not sure, go back to the point where both sides agree.

11. Do not argue with your partner or opponent and always be pleasant on court.

12. Do not deliberately hit a ball at an opponent.

13. Apologise if your ball hits the top of the net and falls to win the point.

14. Any behaviour not in keeping with court etiquette is to be reported by email to the Committee –


If there is a problem with anti-social behaviour that requires immediate attention, please call 101 or in an emergency, please call 999.